The Top Nine Misconceptions About Exercise

The latest research has brought a lot of change in the fitness scene, so much so that our old concepts of exercise are on the verge of change.

If we don’t keep ourselves up to date then we might be doing our bodies more harm or we might not be able to reach our goals early.

The purpose of this article, therefore, is to highlight nine of such fitness rules which should not be strictly adhered to. So before you start exercising, go through it once.

1. Exercising For Longer Periods

There is a general misconception amongst people that the longer they work out the sooner they will be fit. However, the latest research has shown that it is not so.

Trying to get lean, doesn’t mean that you have to be excessively attached to your treadmill or beat yourself up by doing many laps.

In fact, research has proven that if you do intense workouts in short abrupt intervals it is bound to be more effective in a short period.

Scientists employed at McMaster University in Canada have researched that one can achieve greater results by doing 10 one-minute bursts of any high-profile exercise coupled with short intervals of rest; whereas hours of cycling might not get the same results.

The main thing is that you should spruce up that heart rate in those short bursts of exercises.

2. Move Up From 12 Reps

For years, trainers and aerobics instructors have encouraged sit-ups, ab-crunches and all such exercises to be done in repetitions of 8-12. This amount signifies a medium exertion level in doing exercise.

Lately, it has been suggested that if you have achieved the level of 12 reps and you are able to do it easily then it is time to increase your level; this is going to build up your muscles faster.

3. Stop When in Pain

You must have heard about the ‘no pain, no gain’ concept of exercise; well it is wrong.

Often during exercise like running or strength training, you can come across some painful stretches; this is the signal that you should stop right there before you hurt yourself or injure your muscle or joint that can prevent you from doing exercises for a long period.

Therefore be careful; pain is not a healthy sign during exercise.

4. There is More To a Flat Stomach Than Crunches

Ab-crunches are definitely considered to be the best exercise for a flat and toned belly.

Where its importance cannot be underestimated, there are other kinds of exercises that can prove to be really useful where a flat tummy is concerned.

There are many other stomach workouts that you can check out. Use them in conjunction with the crunches or by themselves to yield envious results.

Also, keep in mind that Pilates and Yoga are two other useful exercise routines that can really tone those belly muscles inside.

5. Target Weight Loss Exercises

Often women are just unsatisfied with a particular part of their body like their broadening hip area, heavy thighs or love handles.

For this purpose, they seek exercises that are targeted for that one portion alone. This is quite a wrong approach as you must have found from experience as well.

When we exercise, fat loss occurs uniformly from our whole body, not just in a particular area. This is why target exercises should be deleted from the fitness routine and more variety of exercises should be added like a combination of strength training, cardiovascular sessions, and interval training.

This is going to burn the fat faster and get you toned up quicker.

6. Weighing Yourself Frequently

While taking up exercises, people often keep for themselves short-term goals, and out of this enthusiasm, they are likely to check out their weight very frequently like every day.

But this is a totally wrong approach. If you want to check your weight early it should not be before a whole week and this should be done at the exact same time of the day.

This is because your weight fluctuates a lot in just 24 hours. It can be because of fluid intake and excretion that you cannot count on daily weight checks.

7. More Protein is Going to Build More Muscles

People who are looking to build muscles are often advised by trainers to go for a protein diet. While it is true that protein helps in building muscle, excess of it can certainly be bad as it can turn into fat in our body.

Therefore don’t aim at eating a dozen eggs in breakfast and then a couple of pounds of steak in every meal; this won’t build up muscle fast.

As a thumb rule, only 25% of your meal should be meat or protein and the rest should be a dose of fresh vegetables and fruits accompanied by non-refined carbohydrates.

8. Exercising At Least Three Times a Week

It is a common misconception that if one can’t take out the time to exercise at least three times a week then he/she shouldn’t do it at all.

This is wrong, because hey, something is better than nothing. Even if you can take out time twice or thrice in one week that is fine. Or doing shorter sessions of just 25 – 30 minutes will do you lots of good.

Don’t think that this is a short time to achieve fitness. As mentioned earlier short bursts of fully loaded exercise can do you a lot of good, even if you do it once daily.

9. Eating Less While Exercising

It is not necessary to eat less while exercising to meet your goal sooner. If you are doing heavy workouts throughout the week, you should certainly eat enough to fuel that workout otherwise you will drain yourself.

One thing that needs correction is that calories don’t mean eating fatty stuff. Fats and calories are two different things. You can eat plenty of energy-giving food that is low in fat like fresh fruits and vegetables and the right carbs.

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