How to Gain 25lb of Muscle in 4 Months

Many people around the world have a hard time losing weight. To them, it might seem that they gain a few pounds even if they have a small meal. 

But, on the other hand, some people struggle to put on weight. Whether they want to build muscle or simply fill out their clothes more, they have a hard time putting on weight at all.

If you’re in the latter, you may have tried plenty of things over the years to gain weight. If none of them showed any promise, you may have even given up or felt disheartened. 

But the thing is, most people overcomplicate the entire process. No matter what else you’re doing, you can put on a couple dozen pounds in the next few months if you just follow the three basics laid out below

Drink Your Calories

Among the most difficult things to do while gaining weight is eating enough calories. Many people don’t understand how this can be difficult, but the people who have gone through it understand how challenging it can be to seriously up your daily calorie intake. 

Also, that doesn’t mean you can eat just about everything. You need to find out what type of fats you need, the kind of protein, and the type of carbs your diet should have to benefit you the most. 

But, since eating can become incredibly difficult and you may even start to hate chewing, you should drink your calories. There are plenty of amazing high calorie protein shakes around that can help you reach your daily goal without hating food. 

The main benefits of high calorie protein drinks is that you can easily have up to 1,000kcal. This won’t involve having a huge meal, but a high calorie drink that has been designed to be tasty, easy to drink and packed with nutrients you need.

Similarly, you can have a high calorie meal replacement shake for weight gain, which will provide you upwards of 50g of protein, 800kcal, and other nutrients your body needs.

Make Sure You Train Hard

When you start eating in excess, you will start to see some weight gain over time. Now, you can either just fill out your pants or you can convert that extra weight into muscle. 

But, that doesn’t mean you have to have hard muscles with an eight-pack. You can train to achieve the body type that is ideal for you. But it all starts with training hard.

Since you’re trying to put on weight, you should do less cardio because that will burn off more calories and you will just need to eat more. Your primary focus should be on muscle-building exercises, and you can use supplements like pre-workouts and post-workouts to get the most out of each training session.

If you want to have more freedom in the gym rather than worrying about how many calories you’re burning with each rep, you can look into more supplements and boosters. 

For instance, to train hard and gain weight, it is important to have high testosterone levels. The best testosterone boosters or the best testosterone supplements can help you get there. The best thing is that these natural supplements have 0 banned substances and are safe to consume.

Testosterone is the number 1 hormone in men promoting muscle synthesis. Thus, having higher levels of testosterone will be hugely beneficial to your weight gain goals.

Besides, it will also positively affect your mood, energy levels and libido.

Rest and Sleep Well

Finally, the easiest and most important thing might be getting enough sleep. Ideally, the average adult should get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. If you don’t, you will have a harder time gaining muscle or gaining weight. 

That’s because your body, and your muscles, need plenty of rest to heal and recover from the training. When you train, you tear muscle fibers and they need rest to heal and grow. 

Furthermore, sleep depravation can be harmful for muscle building. Therefore, having proper sleep is not only primordial in order to gain weight and lean muscle, but also to prevent stagnation in your training.


The easiest way to gain 25lb of muscle in your weight gain journey is to drink your calories. This small trick will increase your calorie intake significantly, without much additional effort. In our weight gain journeys, we’ve used mass gainer protein shakes, due to their high protein content and how tasty they are.

That said, there are other supplements like testosterone boosters for men that can make a huge impact. Testosterone promotes muscle growth and increases energy levels in men. Thus, naturally increasing your testosterone levels can help your training and weight gain journey.

Let’s not forget rest, though. If you train hard and eat properly, you need to make sure to rest adequately too. 7-9h of sleep every night will help you metabolize the nutrients you ate the day before, and help you start the new day energized.

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