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Welcome to Fitness Authority. My name is Andy and this is my site. Fitness Authority is based on my idea of providing a one-stop place for simple, actionable and no BS health and nutrition advice.

I was always frustrated at seeing how many glossy health sites or magazines fail to provide actionable information to their readers. I wanted Fitness Authority to be different and I made a promise to myself that the advice on this site would work for regular people with busy lives, not just Hollywood celebrities with personal trainers and personal chefs.

My Story

Up until the age of maybe 17 or 18 I never really bothered about my body all that much and I never bothered about my weight at all.  I had genetics on my side so I never really carried too much weight anyway.  Once I hit my late teens, I became a bit more self-aware, like most teens I suppose and started hitting the gym occasionally, never actually having a clue what I was actually doing and never making the sort of commitment that would actually have got meaningful results.

Fast forward a little into my early 20’s, and thanks to a fitness trend and a bunch of friends who were more into the gym than I was (not difficult), I got into a bit more of a regular routine and started working up a bit of actual enthusiasm for the gym.

Between my early twenties and now (I’m 35 years young), due to relationships, babies and life, I’ve been fat, slim, muscular and everything in between. I’ve had arguments with the other half about how I spend all my time at the gym and I’ve had arguments with myself to force myself to go after months off

Been There And Got The T-Shirt

A lot of trial and error, a lot of protein shakes and bars, a lot of vitamins, a lot of remedies, pizzas, burgers, gym visits and down time has made my body what it is today as there is one stone-cold fact that you must realize, an exercise routine MUST fit comfortably into your life for you to stay lean, fit, healthy whatever you wish to call it and yes, a flat stomach does start in the kitchen.  That’s why a lot of the advice on this site is about exercising in your own home, because these days that the most convenient option for many people (and the most cost-effective option for just about everyone).

I now realize that it’s not the giant strides on the treadmill that keeps the pounds permanently off you, it’s the little steps, the actionable little everyday life changes that you can employ long term that get you to your goal. With that in mind, I’m so grateful that I get a chance to share my insights with so many people. ​Realizing this is what has made it possible for me and my team to help millions of people lead healthier lives and progress towards their own health goals.

What we do

  • Simplify complex health advice
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Write for real everyday people with busy lives
  • Use scientific evidence to back our advice

What we don’t do

  • Promote fake “diet pills” or anything similar
  • Tell you to do something that doesn’t work
  • Make you buy expensive or unnecessary products
  • Give favourable reviews to companies that pay us

Thank you for taking your time to stop by and read what we have on offer, I’m sure you’ll love it here and find the information useful in your efforts to reach and smash your fitness goals. If you have any comments at all then please use our contact form and please feel free to subscribe to our blog to get updates and helpful information to your email


Andy Ellis (Founder, Fitness Authority).

Fitness Authority
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