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Best Adjustable Kettlebells UK – [Full Buyers Guide & Reviews]

Adjustable kettlebells may be one of the best inventions in home fitness. Keep reading and we’ll tell you what they are, why you need one and how to buy one. We’ll also give you a quick rundown of what we think are the best adjustable kettlebells on the UK market right now.

What are adjustable kettlebells?

Kettlebells are weights that look a bit like an old-school hob kettle without the spout. They can be lifted like barbells and dumbbells. Unlike barbells and dumbbells, however, they can also be manipulated in many other ways. In particular, they can be swung, thrown and carried. Adjustable kettlebells are just regular kettlebells with the ability to scale the weight up and down. 

Why use an adjustable kettlebell?

Barbells and dumbbells are all about strength. Kettlebell workouts, by contrast, blend strength, flexibility and cardio. They are great for getting a whole lot of benefit in a small space and in a relatively short time.

Adjustable kettlebells let you use different levels of weight for different exercises without having to buy multiple kettlebells. This reduces the pressure on your storage space and your wallet. It also means that kettlebells can be shared more easily.

Adjustable kettlebells buyer’s guide

So now you’re sold on the idea of buying an adjustable kettlebell, what do you need to look for when you’re buying one? Here are the key points to check.

Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort are important for any piece of fitness equipment. With kettlebells, however, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of buying safe, comfortable equipment. You’re going to be tossing it over your head, swinging it between your legs and generally throwing it about. You need to be able to rely on it.

Ease of use

With adjustable kettlebells, this generally means three things. Firstly, the handle needs to be wide enough for you to get two hands on it easily. Secondly, the shape has to be close enough to a regular kettlebell for you to get the same kind of swing. Thirdly, the mechanism for changing the weights has to be easy to use.

Range of weights

The best adjustable kettlebells tend to go from around 3kg to about 18kg (aka 6lb to 40lb). This creates plenty of options for flexibility in use.

NB: Be aware that some adjustable kettlebells come with weights and some require you to have your own weights. This should be specified in the advert but the onus is on you to read the description clearly. As a rule of thumb, if a high-quality adjustable kettlebell is at a very low price, you probably need to add your own weights.


Ideally, you generally want there to be at least five individual weights. It’s fine if the structure of the adjustable kettlebell is counted as part of the weights. In fact, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Six or seven weights gives you a bit more flexibility without adding too much in terms of price and complexity.

Design and aesthetics

This may seem like being fussy. The way we see it, however, is that if your adjustable kettlebell looks good, you can leave it out in the open. That may come in handy when you’re trying to work out how to make the most of your precious storage space.

Price/Value for money

Adjustable kettlebells are investment pieces. There’s no getting away from that. Even if you buy pre-loved, you’re unlikely to get that much of a discount on new, certainly on quality pieces. On the plus side, that’s good for you if you decide to trade up your own adjustable kettlebell. On the other hand, getting value for money is important too.

A note on sand-/water-filled kettlebells

These might look like they’re adjustable kettlebells but in our experience, they’re not. They’re designed to be filled to a specific weight and will only work properly at that weight. We’d love to find a decent example of a sand-/water-filled adjustable kettlebell, so if you know of one, please drop us a comment.

Best adjustable kettlebells UK

Based on what we’ve seen, there are four main types of adjustable kettlebell on the UK market. We’ve chosen what we think is the best example of each type. Where we’ve stated weights/lengths, we’ve given the manufacturer’s information first and then converted it.

Apex APKB-5009 Kettlebell

This adjustable kettlebell isn’t quite a ringer for a proper adjustable kettlebell. It does, however, come pretty close. The kettlebell handle weighs 15lb and the base is 5lb. That means you’ll be working with a minimum of 20lb aka 9kg. 

You also get four spacer plates to maintain the shape so you can perform exercises properly, even at the minimum weight. If you wish, you can swap these out for proper weight plates. Officially, the maximum weight is 50lb aka 23kg. Realistically, we’d say this kettlebell works best with 5lb (2.2kg) weights. This would give a maximum weight of 40lb aka 18kg.

Please note, this adjustable kettlebell comes without additional weights.

The mechanism is really simple. There’s a locking pin you twist to secure and release the weights. The handle looks and feels like what you’d expect from a high-quality cast iron kettlebell. Swing is good and everything feels secure.


  • Looks and feels very like a proper kettlebell
  • Decent weight range
  • Reasonable increments


  • You need to buy weights separately
  • Can be hard to find in the UK

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Apex APKB-5009 Kettlebell Adjustable Heavy Duty Strength Training and Weight Lifting Equipment...

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Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Kettlebell

This is quite possibly the world’s most popular adjustable kettlebell and we can see why. It’s one of those “simple genius” ideas you could have thought up yourself, but didn’t. You get a range of weights (3.5 - 18 kg aka 8-40 lb) in 6 increments. These sit in a stack. You put the exterior on top of them and use the mechanism to select your choice of weight.

The fact that the dial is mechanical means it has to be stiff. It takes a bit of effort to use. In a way, however, that’s reassuring. The open-bottom style means that the weight plates do rattle a bit while you work out. Fortunately, they don’t rock and roll.

This adjustable kettlebell is a bit longer and bulkier than a standard cast iron kettlebell. You do notice it at first but you soon get used to it. We’d say the learning curve was a bit steeper for one-handed exercises than for two-handed exercises. The handle is well-shaped and the grip is good.

We should probably mention that buying this adjustable kettlebell gets you access to a library of trainer-led videos showing you how to use it. It’s a nice touch but to be honest there’s plenty of high-quality information on the internet, including trainer-led videos.


  • Most convenient mechanism we’ve found
  • OK to look at and weights are kept tidy
  • A lot more compact than 6 individual kettlebells


  • A bit bulky
  • Price reflects popularity as well as quality

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ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell

The “shell” of this adjustable kettlebell weighs 3.4kg (7.5 lb). It has a maximum weight of 18kg (40lb) and a total of 7 increments). The locking mechanism is easy to understand. You do need pretty good grip to work it. To be fair, however, you should have pretty good grip to use any sort of kettlebell.

We’re going to say upfront that this adjustable kettlebell does have one clear design flaw. You load up the weights from the base to the top. This means that if you’re using it at anything less than 18kg, there will be empty holding racks. Frankly, these will dig into your arms in certain exercises.

ISOGYM could have fixed this with spacer weights but we assume these would have added to the price. A more practical option is just to make sure that you’re wearing forearm guards. On the plus side, there’s a rubber sole on the base (not feet just the sole). This should help protect your floors.

The handle feels like a proper cast iron kettlebell handle. There’s plenty of grip and it’s comfortable to use with one or two hands. It swings just like a proper kettlebell and the weights seem to stay in place safely.


  • Good range of weights
  • Good increments
  • Pretty easy to use


  • You do need some form of forearm protector to use this.

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NewMe Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

This is a “bare” kettlebell handle for people who have their own weights. Please note that there are standard and Olympic versions of this adjustable kettlebell handle. Make sure that you buy the right one for whatever weights you plan to use!

Both versions weigh about 6lb (3kg) on their own. They will handle another 50lb (23kg) of weights up to 6.25" (15.5cm) total thickness. The mechanism is as simple as you can get. You just unscrew the base, load up with weights, and screw the base back on.

The trick to using this adjustable kettlebell handle is to make sure you push the weights as far up the stem as they will go. Then use the nut to lock them in. This is pretty reliable on its own. We would, however, recommend adding a couple of regular barbell clamps for extra security. Once you have the weights in place, the swing is very respectable.

Honestly, we’re not thrilled about the handle but it’s OK. Grip tape certainly helps. Our only other minor gripe is that the shaft is on the long side (14.7” aka 37cm). This means that it’s probably going to hit the floor more than the average kettlebell. We’d suggest putting some foam (or a tennis ball) at the base.


  • Great for saving space and money if you have weights


  • You need your own weights
  • Fixing mechanism could be better, although this can be tweaked.
  • Grip could be better although this can be tweaked
  • On the longer side, but foam can protect your floors.

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NewMe Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

Last update was on: May 22, 2024 4:43 am

Bonus pick

Kettle Gryp

This is a bonus pick because technically it isn’t an adjustable kettlebell. It’s a handle you look onto a dumbbell to turn it into a kettlebell. It’s marketed as being for travellers who want to work out without carrying a whole pile of gear. If, however, you’re in a really small space and/or on a really tight budget, this gadget could be just what you need.

The Kettle Gryp can be fitted to dumbbells weighing from 0.5 kg (1 lb) to 25 kg (55 lb) and with a maximum diameter of 1.1” (2.8cm). That’s most regular dumbbells and quite a few of the adjustable ones.

Realistically, you’re going to find the Kettle Gryp more limited than a proper kettlebell. For example, the grip is safe. We do, however, think that some people will find it a bit on the small side for two-handed use. Also, the difference in shape does make a difference to the swing and to some exercises. What specific kind of difference it makes depends a lot on your size.

Overall, however, whatever size you are, you’re going to get a good two-thirds of the functionality of a kettlebell at a fraction of the usual price. That can be a very solid deal.


  • Small
  • Light
  • Affordable
  • Effective.


  • You need your own dumbbell
  • Limited functionality compared to a proper kettlebell

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Kettle Gryp Kettlebell Adjustable Portable Weight Grip Travel Workout Equipment Gear for...

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In short

Objectively, the Bowman adjustable kettlebell is by far the best adjustable kettlebell on the UK market. It’s also by far the most expensive. The Apex is the best of the regular adjustable kettlebells we’ve found, due to its use of spacer weights. Unfortunately, it can be very hard to find it in stock.

There are quite a few adjustable kettlebells in much the same style as the ISOGYM. We do, however, think that ISOGYM has the best implementation. Similarly, there are a few alternatives to the NewMe adjustable kettlebell handle. Some of them are pretty good and may be worth checking out if the NewMe option is unavailable.

The Kettle Gryp is probably best used for travelling. That’s how it’s marketed. In a pinch, however, it can work as your main kettlebell.

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