Are You New To Exercise?

If you are, and you are wondering where to start, there is no need to worry because this article contains 10 tips by personal trainer Karen Weir on how to get going and make that first step. People also wonder which exercise to choose when starting out on physical fitness. However, after reading this article you will start jumping around and pretty much do everything.

1. Find a Motivation

There is nothing like motivation to keep you going. Of course, you want to start exercising because you want to stay fit and look great, but that is not enough to keep you going or to start you off with the right enthusiasm.

Therefore find something that is truly motivating to the core like someone’s harsh comment on your body or your old picture when you used to come into size 6.

Try to make it personal and set a goal—perhaps a wedding, new year’s eve, or something of a similar sort to keep your engines running. It is important to have a reason to do this.

2. Do Something You Love

There are a great many things to do to stay fit and healthy. Choosing from them can be difficult especially when you see people around you doing different sorts of things.

At such a time it is better to think of something that you have always loved doing.

For instance, if you enjoyed your time on the bike when you were young and avoided games that involved excessive running then there is no need on stressing yourself over running miles.

Perhaps you can just take to riding a bike over the hill as an exercise. Or better yet if you had always found a reason to hit the pool then you can just take up swimming as your exercise.

This way you are bound to stick to your exercise and lose weight.

3. How Much Time Can You Spare

Take a look at your daily or weekly commitments and find out how much time you can actually take out of your routine for exercise. Some people are overly committed to socializing and office hours; such people can take out maybe 30 minutes daily.

For such a routine running proves to be the best exercise because all other exercises require at least an hour to be effective like cycling, swimming, or tennis.

Moreover, such activities require more time to travel to and from the sports complex. Whereas running only requires that you change into your tracksuit and step out of the house.

4. Get Someone Else Involved

Getting someone involved in your fitness routine is always a good idea because it then makes it difficult for you to skip a day. If it is a physical involvement or just sharing your achievements with someone, it will have the same effect on you.

Perhaps someone you know who has already joined up a weight loss program can introduce you to his/her setup; that will make it easier for you to get started.

5. Search For an Instructing School

Often people get started on a particular sport without the proper guidance. For guidance, they opt for searching over the web, and after this incomplete information and zero experience, they head off. In some wild sports like paragliding, this can prove to be dangerous.

Therefore it is advisable that one should get proper training from an instructing school and then try out a new sport. Even running involves some technicalities which should be looked into.

6. Set a Goal

Many people are trying out Triathlon these days and this gives them a sense of competition to achieve a target before other people.

This setting of a target works two ways for them. Firstly the sense of competition drives them and secondly knowing that there is an endpoint makes them carry on with their sport until they have reached the target.

7. Don’t Give Up Easily

Any kind of new sport can feel tough on you and your muscles for the first time, but this doesn’t mean that the sport isn’t for you.

If your muscles feel stiff the next day, don’t give it up because this is the first time you might have actually started using them so carry on and give your body a chance to fit in with the sport.

8. Help Out Others

It is seen that enthusiasm levels stay up when people help out each other in their sports activities.

Even if you are new to the sport, but really want to get involved in it, try helping out the young trainers by offering them knowledge from your experience, and besides feeling satisfied, you will keep your motivation up of training harder.

9. Try Out Competitions

Don’t shy out of public sports events. Of course, you cannot expect to win the first time you are trying out and it really demotivates a lot of people; but you are going to develop confidence in your ability when you see that there are many people in the race who ranked lower than you.

Entering a competition is very healthy for the sports drive as it keeps you going. You are probably going to realize that you are becoming better than you were the last time you participated.

So get competitive with your own self and you are bound to go much far.

10. Track a Record

The best way to see how much you are improving is to keep a diary. In that little notebook keep a record of your track or lap timings or whichever other sport you are trying out.

Don’t be surprised to see your progress because indeed you will be making a progress as your body will start to tune up.

You are certainly going to feel a lot better that you are not one of those who waste their time, energy, and body slouching on the couch in front of their televisions.

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