What to eat before cycling in the morning?

We are all aware that breakfast is the most significant meal of the day. Even taking twice your normal lunch ration would never fill its void. Missing breakfast affects the whole day's activity, especially if you’re going on a cycling trip.

The body needs fuel for more adventurous and memorable rides, especially when it comes to kids' rides. However, taking a lousy diet can also ruin your whole biking experience.

Read on to know the perfect food to eat and those to avoid before cycling in the morning.

Foods perfect for rides

An aesthetic basket, a fancy bell and other appealing bike accessories are essential for a worthwhile ride. But these are just as important as taking the right diet.

The principal nutritional purpose of your first meal of the day should be to top off your fuel tank - glycogen stores. Here is a list of suitable foods to eat before hopping on a bike ride;

Espresso or coffee

Every sports enthusiast ought to be a massive fan of coffee. They come with many vibes and energy for improved riding performance. While coffees are excellent, it's always better to keep them low else you'd be setting yourself up for a steady bathroom emergency. 

Espresso is just like coffee, only a better version. It doesn't require you to use the restroom often and still has a caffeine feel.

Low-Fiber or Instant Oatmeal Cereal

Instant oatmeal is a fantastic option for not just oat lovers but cyclers in haste. It has less fibre than the usual one, making it digest quicker and a good choice for a cycler's morning meal.


This comes in varieties, each fitting perfectly into the early morning cycling meals.

To avoid starting with an extremely big stomach and for a better shot at digestion, try eating this a couple of hours before your ride. 

Also, some extra ingredients could not only spice but increase its nutritional content.


A fantastic source of carbohydrates. Granola is a whole grain, not easily broken down as refined cereals. Therefore, the energy is delivered into the body more gradually.

This makes it a rich source of fuel, especially for long rides. Granola is also used as a topping for other foods owing to its delicious crunchy taste.

Peanut butter

This butter is a popular food topping and a vital source of protein. Compared to other protein sources like fish, lean meats, eggs, protein bars, and shakes, it gives riders a solid, economical supply of protein. 

Peanut butter is the ideal fuel for your early morning cycling when mixed with carbohydrates like bread, bananas, or even satay sauce with noodles.

Chicory Seeds

Chia seeds are a secret ingredient riders use to enhance their energy. They come with no particular flavour and may be put into almost anything sometimes, even without cooking.

Chia seeds are added to puddings, salads, and soups and can even be pounded into a powder and added to a sports drink. 

Fruit and veggies

The benefits of fruits are something we’re very used to already. Before you ride, consuming a hundred to two hundred calories makes an energizing ride.

A majority of these calories come from simple carbohydrates. A favourable source would be fruits. In addition to these, other foods could include;

  • Wheat Cream
  • Fruit on toast
  • Fruit-topped pancakes
  • Fruit-filled waffles
  • Cereals for breakfast with low-fat or almond milk

A BBC article named breakfast the most important meal of the day. Hence even bikers are meant to indulge in this before going for that ride. A rider's performance is dramatically improved by eating a friendly diet before cycling. 

What to avoid eating before a bike ride

It’s often not about what we eat but the amount we eat. There is a thing such as over-fueling occurs when you eat right before riding. Here are some habits you should abstain from before cycling;

Eggs and high-fat breakfast meats.

Eggs are a superb nutritional choice, but fatty and protein-rich meals are not the best for cycling. Bacon is even worse because it is fat and slightly difficult to digest. This is not a good experience as it forces your muscles to battle digestion while pedalling.


These popular cereals greet our dining tables most mornings, but may not be a good fit for bikers.

In contrast to a whole grain breakfast, which will gradually release energy, cornflakes wear off way too early in a ride.


Judging from the assortment of healthy vegetables from salads, one would not expect to find salads in this list.

While this is accurate, it only works as a part of a balanced diet.

But for morning rides, it falls short as it contains little carbohydrates and will cause you to get tired in no time.

Lots of Everything.

Excessive meals would make you feel sluggish and too tired to pedal your bike. Excess eating is not ideal for a great ride as you need to put something into your system but not add extra weight.

Avoiding excessive sugar intake is also vital to prevent deficiencies!

Best time to eat ahead of the morning race

When you have an early circling, it's best to consider what works best for you.

While, getting up early to consume a full meal a couple of hours before the race is great, enjoying a quick snack or small meal just before the race is not bad itself. 

This depends on personal choice. The earlier you eat before your cycling the more fat, protein, and carbohydrates you get.

And the timing determines the amount and type of food you eat!

Is cycling on empty stomach good?

Aside from cycling, this question pops up in countless sports discussions. Its answer relies on the main reason for cycling. The need to fuel the muscles and liver with carbohydrates increases with exercise intensity.

Are you going for a mere casual ride? Or an intense riding session?

Cycling on an empty stomach might be a good option for weight loss, but would always be frowned upon for intense workouts.

Hence, cycling on an empty stomach might not be as promising as riding on the perfect diet, as this provides all the energy needed for the ride.

Two, are you trying to boost your glycogen stores and decrease weight?


Whatever the case, putting something in your stomach before a ride is brilliant. Consider it like filling up your car with petrol before a drive. It opens you up to a faster, improved and more enjoyable ride.

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