Wise Dieters’ Healthy Food Alternatives

Do you want to lose weight and satisfy your taste buds at the same time? It is possible if you are thinking it is not. There are just some sensible changes that are required in your shopping list and that’s all.

And before you know it you would’ve stopped your cravings, gotten your health right back on track, and dropped a dress size.

If you’re thinking there is a catch to it, there isn’t. It is actually very simple and logical; so let’s stop beating about the bush and get right to the point. How about …

1. Trying Hot Water & Lemon Instead of Coffee

Generally, it is thought that this daily ritual of having morning coffee is going to have a crash effect on hunger and might help you consequently lose a few pounds.

Whereas it is not so because a single serving of coffee might actually be contributing somewhere between 350 to 500 calories. Now let’s have a look at its alternative.

Research has shown that drinking water right after getting up can boost the metabolism and coupled with lemon which naturally acts as detox can clear the body of any toxins.

However, those who find this change very drastic can start off by replacing their coffee with herbal tea which acts in a similar way.

2. Trying Popcorn Instead of Crisps

What is there not to like about popcorn and when once you discover that it is a healthier alternative to a bag of crisps, then what is stopping you?

Crisps can give you a lot of fat and calories along with their irresistible taste and the great thing about popcorn is that while it is also addictive, it does not pose a threat to the waistline.

There is no secret hidden there just some common sense which is commonly overlooked.

Popcorns require very less fat in preparation; moreover, they provide a healthy dose of dietary fiber which makes us feel full for a longer period (surely, you must have noticed!)

3. Trying Olive Oil Spread In Place of Margarine

Perhaps butter and margarine seem like healthy additives for our breakfast, when they are not. They are nothing but concentrated saturated fats or unhealthy fats which can never aid in losing weight.

Not only that, they are very harmful to the heart’s health as margarine especially can drastically raise the cholesterol level.

Alternatively, Olive Oil spread should be used because it is a valid source of good fats or monounsaturated fats that do not bind in the body. Olive oil spread is also full of antioxidants.

4. Trying Greek Yogurt Instead of Normal Yogurt

So when did plain yogurt become a harmful thing? Last time you checked it was low in fats and high in calcium, thereby making it a nourishing food for daily use, right?

However recent research has now shown that normal yogurt has a good enough level of sugar content. Therefore switching it with Greek yogurt is a much healthier option as it not only contributes much less sugar but is also a good source of protein which everyone knows builds lean muscles.

5. Trying Whole Grain Bread Instead of White Bread

White bread is nothing but good-looking bird food; this is because it is completely empty of healthy nutrients and it shoots the blood sugar levels, which after snacking come crashing down consequently making the body crave more sugar.

Wholegrain bread not only provides dietary fiber but is also full of vitamins, minerals, and protein. It also stabilizes the blood sugar level thereby discouraging cravings.

6. Trying Mustard Instead of Mayo

If you do need to spread something in your sandwich and burger to make it juicy, then why choose mayonnaise?

It is nothing but mostly fat and only a tablespoon can provide you with almost 100 calories not only that, so much fat can also pose a risk to your heart’s health.

Mustard on the other hand tastes great and makes the sandwich or burger taste even better. It is also low in fat and if you choose the spicy one then it might even end up boosting your metabolism.

7. Trying Turkey Meat Instead of Red Meat

You should not totally give up red meat as it is a good source of protein, other than being full of taste; but limiting it to twice or thrice a week would help you a lot; especially if you increase the intake of Turkey meat during the week.

Turkey Meat is low in fat and is loaded with protein. It is especially going to help those who are looking to tone their muscles and stay trim.

8. Trying Dark Chocolate Instead of Milk Chocolate

If someone has a sweet tooth then trying to quit all the sweet pleasures might only end up making that person miserable. Especially if someone loves to eat chocolate, he/she shouldn’t be worried about giving up chocolate altogether.

This is because switching to dark chocolate will keep the person away from cheap milk chocolate which is nothing but fat and a high source of calories.

Dark chocolate on the other hand is very low in both calories and fat and furthermore is a very good source of antioxidants.

Dark Chocolate is very bitter in taste so you won’t be able to eat more than 2 squares anyway and your chocolate craving will also be satisfied.

9. Trying Water Instead of Orange Juice

Sure orange juice is a good source of Vitamin C which is known to boost the immune system but it also becomes a source of extra calories that are not needed by the body to become thin.

Instead what you can do is drink lots of water in its place and get your dose of Vitamin C from eating fruits and vegetables.

10. Trying Honey Instead of Jam

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Jams are made by overcooking fruit with loads of sugar.

Therefore the nutrients are practically burned out and eating it with toast can help you in providing some 400 calories.

Switching it with honey would be a big favor to yourself as honey is naturally sweet and extremely beneficial to health.

This article was written by Andrew Ellis from Steam Shower Store. Experts in holistic and alternative health

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