How to Skip Like a Boxer – [Complete Professional Guide]

Have you ever watched pro boxers jumping rope to limber up? It’s amazing! They move with a certain-ness and a style that makes it seem like there is NO rope there at all.

If you want to be a competent boxer, you need to learn to jump rope.

So let's look at How to Skip Like a Boxer!!

Those pros you watch jumping rope didn’t start out that consistently and effortlessly. It’s not a talent – it’s a skill. You don’t just pick up a jump rope and start doing single foot hops or crossovers without a LOT of practice.

Quick Jump (Forgive The Pun)

If you want to get a clear view of what I’m talking about, watch this video of Floyd Mayweather and his rope jumping prowess.

After you watch the whole video, you’ll notice how he uses the same footwork when jumping rope as he does when he’s boxing.

Why are the Best Boxers such great Rope Jumpers?

Here are some of the benefits boxers get when they practice jumping rope until they’re masters:

  • Excellent warmup
  • Great for the cardiovascular system
  • Improves hand to eye coordination
  • Builds stamina
  • Improves good balance
  • Good for burning off calories

Not only does jumping rope burn calories and provide effective cardio work, but it also helps you improve many attributes you’ll need to become a successful boxer.

What are those attributes?

Footwork is essential if you want to be successful in the ring. If you watched the Mayweather video above, you’ll see how he utilizes that boxing footwork in his rope jumping.

Jumping rope is great for your overall fitness, especially if you include it in a complete cardio workout. This is vital if you expect to last 12 rounds in the boxing ring. Besides raising your fitness level, it works nearly every muscle, when done properly.

Jumping rope targets your calves, but it also strengthens and defines your abs, forearms, triceps, biceps, quadriceps and glutes.

You can jump rope too – with practice, maybe as good as the pro’s.

Let’s hit the basics first.

Number one is timing. Jumping rope requires perfect (eventually) timing. If you don’t time your jumps or skips properly, you’ll end up tangled up and the butt of jokes at the gym.

When you are jumping rope for your first time, do smaller jumps first. Don’t jump until you hear the sound of the rope hitting the ground.

how to jump rope like a boxer

Here is the 4 Step Process for a Successful Two-Foot Jump

1 – Hold the handles with wrists facing up and the rope behind you.

2 – To start momentum in the rope, flick your wrists (you’ll get the feel soon if you don’t have it already) and start your forearms rotating.

3 – Use your peripheral vision to be aware of the rope passing over your head. Then listen for the rope hitting the ground before you execute a little jump.

4 – Keep that momentum continuing with your wrists and forearms. Repeat the process and do a second jump.

Techniques for Jumping Rope - How to Skip Like a Boxer

There are various techniques in jumping rope that is useful in the enhancement of your agility, footwork and balance.

Here are four more techniques for the jumping rope that should be a good foundation for your new rope jumping routine.

1 – Switching Foot Jump Technique

This is a fairly basic jump and it’s commonly used in training by boxers. Your feet will leave the ground alternately like you’re jogging in place. Once you have the rhythm down, you can make the workout pay off more by speeding up your pace or raising your knees a bit higher.

2 – Side to Side Technique

Use the same position to start out as you did in the basic two-foot jump above. As you continue the jumping, do so while moving your body from side to side. You can gradually work on increasing your distance jumped. This will give you a workout that is way more intense.

3 – Single Foot Hop Technique

In this routine, you will hop over the rope with one foot or the other in a continuous manner. Use one foot for a while before switching to the other. Boxers usually practice by doing two or three hops on one foot before they switch to the other.

4 – Front to Back Technique

Start off in the same position you do for the basic two-foot jump. Start doing that jump as you normally would. Then jump continuously forward and backwards while still going over the rope. Start with moving just a short way forward or back, and then add to the distance as you become more competent.

If you’re still not getting the hang of jumping rope, this short video will help you. It allows you to see the technique boxers used when they jump rope.

Tips to Help You Learn How to Skip Like a Boxer

By this time, you have a good idea of the basic jump roping technique that you’ll need to skip rope as pro boxers do.

Want to know how to get better?

Practice, practice and practice some more.

If you want to quicken the speed at which you’re learning, here are our top-rated tips that will shorten your learning process.

1 – Using the Proper Jump Rope Length

It’s important that you use the right length of rope when you jump. To measure the proper length for you, place one foot in the middle of the rope. Raise the handles until they are taut. If the length is right for you, the handles should be at armpit level.

2 – Using the Balls of your Feet when you Jump

Don’t EVER allow your heels to touch the ground when you’re jumping rope. Always use the balls of the feet as your landing pad.

Do you know why this is so important?

Have you ever seen a flat-footed boxer in the ring?

Nope – not unless he’s losing the fight and has run out of energy.

They always stay on the balls of their feet. It engages the muscles in the calves and gives them – and you – a good workout.

3 – Using the Low Jump or Small Bounce

Beginners to jumping rope often jump too high when clearing the rope. What a waste of energy! Not to mention you’ll look stupid. When you attain true skill in jumping rope, your feet will never be more than a half inch off the ground.

After you master keeping your feet low as you jump, your speed can increase.

4 – Not Double-Jumping or Bouncing

OK, you’re not a grammar school girl jumping rope on the playground at recess. That’s the ONLY place you should see double jumping. This means jumping twice for every one rotation of the rope.

When people jump rope in this way, there is one jump to make sure they clear their rope, followed by a smaller jump to delay themselves until the rope comes around again.

If you continue using this technique, you will only delay the process of jumping rope properly. Timing is vital – it’s everything.

5 – Keeping the Rhythm

Keeping a constant rhythm is the one best way to perfect your technique in jumping rope.

When you keep your rhythm the same, this repetition keeps your feet placed properly and increases your muscle memory.

As time passes and you practice, and practice, and practice some more, you can increase your speed and pace.

6 - Using the Proper Wrist Action

Correct rope jumping technique falls back on the adage that “it’s all in the wrist”, since it really is, in this case.

When you jump rope correctly, all you need is the action of your wrists to swing the rope above your head. If your arms are waving around, you’re not going to be able to jump rope properly.

Keep your hands at a level just above the height of your waist, bending your arms and holding them about a foot from your side.

Closing Thoughts On How to Skip Like a Boxer

Skipping and jumping rope looks SO easy, but learning how to do it like boxers is actually very difficult. If you want to add this worthwhile exercise to your training ritual, then it’s vital to focus on timing and practice.

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