6 Ways To Help You Improve Your Concentration

Do you find yourself getting distracted easily? Does your mind often wander whilst you are trying to do work? Maybe you catch yourself disassociating with your surroundings regularly? Or do you find yourself reaching for your phone when you should be completing tasks? Know that you are not alone.

In a recent survey, half of the adults admitted checking their smartphones when they should have been focused on other tasks. Our smartphones can be a great distraction, one that can impact our concentration levels.

Putting the phone down or out of reach can help, but some other tactics and strategies can be implemented to boost your levels of concentration. For those looking for ways to improve their concentration, here are a few ways to help you boost your concentration levels.

Get Into Exercise

Exercise is an effective way to help you with improving your concentration. Regular exercise releases chemicals into the body that will enhance concentration and memory. Both your body and mind are closely linked. When your body is feeling well, you will likely notice that your mind is doing better than before too.

Consider investing in a women’s co-ords set to wear, one that will enable you to feel comfortable when working out. Having a matching women’s co-ords set can help you feel confident, especially if you are going to the gym to exercise.

Have Space For Work

If you are working from home but are struggling with concentration, take a look at your workspace. Decide if anything is preventing you from being entirely concentrated on your work. If you have an office, consider adding elements that can help to create a serene space. It could be changing the colour on the walls to neutral, calming tones, including comforting and relaxing scents.

Spend time decluttering your desk. Remove any objects that do not serve a purpose and are distracting elements affecting your concentration. Keeping a tidy space can help minimise factors contributing to your low concentration rates.

Play Some Games

One effective way to improve your concentration is to play some games. There are a variety of different genres and types that you could explore. There could be physical games that you play and virtual ones. Video games can improve your concentration and improve your reactions at the same time.

You will find that there will be a game that suits your interest and matches your skills. If you’ve never played many video games before, then you should first look to play lower-skilled games before working your way up to more advanced games.

If you’re unsure what games could be of interest to you, consider speaking to friends and family, as they may have some great suggestions for you to work through. If in doubt, there will be plenty of online guidance and advice that informs you of the best place to start with gaming and what new games you should look out for.

Improve Your Sleep

Sometimes, a lack of sleep could lead to lower levels of concentration. Due to this, you should try to improve your sleep where possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go to bed earlier, just that you have a consistent amount of sleep over a set number of hours.

For example, you should ensure that you get at least eight hours of sleep each night. While you may not feel the benefits straight away, the more consistent that you manage your sleep, the better your concentration will eventually be.

It won’t just be your concentration levels that are improved by improving your sleep. You will also be able to harness more energy throughout the morning and the rest of the day. You will be more alert and active, and you may find more positivity throughout your day.

Explore Nature

You should try to explore more of nature where possible. Even going out for a twenty-minute walk can help to boost your concentration naturally. You could go out for a walk in the park, or even go into your garden. However you do it, you will find that you will start to receive natural benefits sooner rather than later.

If you work from home, it will be more important to get out during the day, especially if you don’t move much. It’s easy to see your concentration levels start to drop when you stay in the same spot, and fresh air can do wonders.

If you have time, try to go a bit further out from time to time to mix it up. You could drive up to a nature reserve and take in somewhere more unique. It’s good to mix it up to get to experience new places and take in new adventures that help boost your concentration.

Set A Timer

When you have multiple tasks to complete, it can be overwhelming. It can cause some to walk away from work and attempt to complete it at another time. Delaying completing the task puts a person at risk of increasing workload when more work is added to their plate.

Instead of looking at the workload as a whole, break it down into smaller, manageable sizes.

With these smaller tasks, consider using a timer or the alarm on your phone to focus on completing a job within a set timeframe. For example, it could be aiming to achieve, or close to finishing, a set task in 20/30 minutes. Once the timer goes off, go for a short five-minute break to allow yourself a chance to stretch or walk around. After the short break, you can go back to work to complete the following task you have set. Taking this approach can help to improve your concentration levels.

There are many contributors to a person experiencing a lack of concentration. Some of the reasons are easy to handle; they need some slight readjustments to their current lifestyle. Select one or more changes to implement into your lifestyle and see a noticeable difference in your concentration levels.

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