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Best Badminton Shoes [Uk Buyers Guide]

Racquet sports are all-body sports.  The energy you need to make the strokes comes from your feet and travels through your body and into your arm.  You also need to be able to move around the court.  In fact, in the case of ...

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Best Squash Racket [UK Buyers Guide]

Having the best squash racquet around won’t suddenly turn you into the best squash player around.  It will, however, help you to play the best squash game you can possibly play.  In practical terms, this means that, if you’re serious ...

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Best Squash Shoes [UK Buyers Guide]

When you first start to play squash, you will probably want to invest as little money as possible until you find out whether or not you want to take the game more seriously.  This means that for your first few games, it’s perfectly reasonable ...

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How to get into Table Tennis – [Professional Guide]

Table tennis is what you get when you play ping pong for real.  At top level, it’s incredibly fast but still a load of fun.  The game has been popular for years in Asia both as a competitive sport and a recreational one.  In the UK, ...

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How to get into Tennis

At a recreational level, tennis is a fun way to keep fit, meet new people and catch up with old ones. At a professional level, tennis is a fast-paced trial of skill and nerve with huge rewards for those who can make it to the top. Finding a place ...

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How to Get into Squash – [Professional Guide]

If you’re looking to pack a whole lot of exercise into a very short time and you want to have fun while you’re doing it, then squash could be the game for you. Be warned, proper squash games are very fast-moving and full-on. The good news for ...

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