How To Get The Body You Desire

How To Get The Body You Desire

It is a normal obsession of women to be worried about the shape of their body. With so many perfect-bodied celebs like Scarlet Johansson, and Jeniffer Lopez who wouldn’t be. But not to fret, because in this article you will find top 3 workouts to work your way to the best body.

1.Get That Perfect Waist

One of the most common problem areas for women is their increasing waistline. There are a few changes that one could make to the diet and to the fitness routine which can surely bring attention of other people to your waist.

Eating Plan

For a trimmed waistline you should absolutely switch to a diet with high fiber and reduced fat. Saturated fats are not healthy for the body and they have a tendency to stick together and build up fat in the body, especially around the waistline. And according to Dr Carina Norris who has written The Food Manual, says that fat that accumulates in the stomach area can prove to be really dangerous for our cardiovascular health.

 Therefore one should eat lots of fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber and low in fat. Try keeping some fresh salad vegetables handy so you can nibble on them during snack time and eating an apple before every meal can reduce the calorie intake.

Fitness Plan

People who intend to trim their waist often only focus on doing waist and belly exercises like ab-crunches; though there is nothing majorly wrong in that, one can however achieve the goal sooner if he/she concentrates upon building muscles in other places as well like back and legs.

Building muscle doesn’t mean stuffing up oneself. Muscle mass weighs more than fat and building a muscle reduces fat in the body. So with those ab-crunches, you can try out the following exercises as well.

The Superman Arm raises: Like the name suggests, lie down on the floor face down with your arms stretched out on the side and legs straight. Now lift your limbs for a short while before bringing them down.

Leg Squats: squats can never be overestimated when it comes to building the leg muscles; besides you can do it anywhere. Stand straight with your feet hips apart. Now bend down until your thighs become parallel with the ground and then come in standing position again.

2.Balanced Figure

The best figure is not the one that is lean in all places; instead there should be a balance between the upper body and the lower half. So if there is a lot or even a little extra weight around your hips, perhaps you can balance it off by building muscles in your upper half rather than continuously focusing on reducing weight down there. So perhaps a change of focus is required.

Eating Plan

You should include a lot of protein in your diet; that is going to build muscle, give you a fuller feeling and give you very less fat according to Dr. Carina Norris. For protein intake you can try out lean red or white meat or fish.

Fitness Plan

Target weight loss doesn’t work for many people according to Klerck. Therefore he suggests the best solution is to build muscle to lose calories rather than focusing on losing weight. Building muscle through exercise will give your body an attractive buildup. So try giving your upper half some strenuous workout.

Triceps Dip: Triceps dips are good for the upper arms. Choose a table that is lower than your hip level; now place your flat palms on it and stretch your legs in front of you then try lowering your body down while the weight of your body is resting on your hands. Now get back to the upright position.

Pushups: we all know what pushups are; but for those who don’t, lie down on the floor with your face down. Keep your hands down on either side then try lifting your complete body from the floor putting all your weight on the hands. However if you find that it is very difficult for you, then just lift your upper body.

3.Curvy Figure

Are you one of those people who are worrisomely thin? There is nothing wrong with you; that is just the way your body is. You can eat anything and your body will burn it up in no time. Don’t worry because the following advice is certainly for you.

Eating Plan

Norris suggests that you should try out a diet that is rich in protein and rich in calories; but this does not mean fatty or sweet foodstuff. Because eating junk food like that might give you weight but your skin and hair will also suffer with it along with your heart. So what you can do, she suggests, is to increase the amount of whole-grain carbohydrates and proteins in your diet. Try including tofu, lean red meat, fish and chicken for protein intake and oats, brown rice, brown pasta and whole meal bread for a good intake of right carbohydrates.

Fitness Plan

A curvy figure is the hardest to achieve; it is even harder than losing weight. So a great focus on the right place is required. For instance, working on the glutes can enable you to wear a tight-fitting jeans or a small skirt and if you work on your back and shoulders, then you can easily wear strapless dresses with confidence.

Glute Bridge: for this exercise, lie down on the ground with your face up and knees bent. Keep your heels on the floor and then raise your hips from the ground until your shoulders, hips and knees come in a straight line. Hold this position for a few seconds and then lower back again.

Lateral Raise: stand with dumbbells in each of your hands on the side. Now try to slowly raise the level of your arms until they become parallel to the ground, but take care not to bend your elbows. Again, hold this position for a few seconds and then lower again.

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